Light Blue Leather Wrap Watch With Owl Charm

Fans of Steampunk fashion have a not-so-secret love for owls! This vintage style watch embraces that love, by pairing this delicate ladies watch with an adorable brass owl! What better to pair with time, then a sign of knowledge and wisdom? That’s what we thought!

What makes a bracelet style watch like this so wearable? Well, the fact that it can be stacked with other bracelets helps a great deal. The interweaving of styles, including braided leather strips and beading, gives it a fun and funky look. It’s also adjustable. ¬†Having three different possible snap sizes to choose from, you are sure to find just the right fit for you! Plus, who doesn’t love a pop of light blue to brighten their day? This watch has all of the charm, pun intended, that you would hope for and expect from a Steampunk watch. Give it as a gift to someone very special, or get matching bracelets in different colors for you and a friend. Whatever you choose, this watch is sure to become a beloved possession.




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