Brass Goggles With Camera Iris Aperture on Both Sides


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This style of goggles with working apertures on each side took some engineering to perfect into the stunning pair of steampunk goggles that you see before you. Although the goggles stay true to my minimalistic approach, their functionality surpasses many of the more gadgety-looking goggles you might come across. The typical response to their smooth movement is simply, “Wow.” The amount of work that goes into hand-crafting each pair is substantially more than some of my other styles. Although it shows in the price, I have spoken to people who have paid as much as $7,000 for custom goggles similar to these. The brass rims are machined with a smooth, round surface and a slot milled into the side for the aperture controls. The levers work smoothly and the eye pieces “stop down” just like the light aperture in a camera lens. This is followed by more lathe work to thin them out just enough to make the goggles light-weight and comfortable without detracting from their durability. Finally, expert hand-crafted leatherwork fits each iris lens snuggly into top quality brown chap weight leather, that gets cured with oils and waxes, and will only improve with age. The final pieces of hardware include a brass buckle and rivets to package them into one outstanding set of ocular enhancers.


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